Oh my HY! Is this BIG thing finally happening?

We take a glimpse at the finish line.When blockchain came along we started dreaming of a world and a place where everyone could make use of the possibilities digital ledgers brought to the table. We believed that the blockchain (r)evolution is an amazing thing, yet just needs that extra step, moving assets between chains.

Back in the days cross ledger technology was the holy grail of blockchain, the only thing it kept the cryptosphere from was mass adoption.We didn’t underestimate the complexity of the situation that needed a strong fundamental solution, so we started building an amazing toolkit that enables you to hold multiple assets in one place, cross-ledger communication between them and NOW we are able to present you the next big thing. We’ve managed to make a working swapping mechanism that allows you to hold your assets in your wallet and swap them for others. So you can choose the assets you trust and move them wherever you like. All without needing an exchange to do so!

We are still in a beta phase, so there might be bugs! We’re open for feedback, to make the hybrix platform stronger everyday.

The more feedback we receive the better your hybrix tools become.

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