hybrix | The Kirby of blockchains.

Since I’ve become the marketing director at hybrix, people ask me quite often ‘What is hybrix and what are its unique selling points?’. Our team and most developers in the scene understand our concept. However, people who are not familiar with what is happening within the scene can have a hard time grasping our intentions. We are trying to make our tools as clear as possible, so everyone understands what we’re doing. With a little analogy I will try to explain the difficulties we have conquered so far during our quest.

First of all, I’m a bit of a nerd: a 80/90’s kid that grew up with console gaming. With SEGA, Nintendo, Playstation and, later on, Xbox, when it entered the game. I was always intrigued by Nintendo’s Kirby, that was created in 1992 by video game designer Masahiro Sakurai as the character of Kirby’s Dream Land. It is an awesome character that is basically just a (originally) pinkish circle with legs, set out to explore a surrealistic world. Nothing special you may think. But nothing is further from the truth: Kirby is able to adopt the strengths of its friends and enemies. With this special power he is able to survive within his world and overcome problems he never imagined facing. When Kirby ended up appearing in the game Super Smash Brothers, he turned out to be my favorite character especially because of his capability to emulate other characters’ strengths. The simplicity of Kirby and the ability to adapt has always inspired me.

Now what does this have to do with hybrix? (a blockchain protocol)

We, at hybrix, are a rare species as well. We operate in a world of crypto where big players like Ethereum, Bitcoin and Ripple rule the world.

They all their have unique powers. Take Ethereum: it is a solution with smart contracts and numerous alt-coins. Or Bitcoin: a secure solution for storing value. Or Ripple: a fast way to transport data.

All of these powers are amazing, but so what possibly could hybrix have to add to this rich ecosystem? Hybrix is that strange character that looks super simple at first glance.

But, just like Kirby, it’s simplicity comes with a wonderful twist: hybrix is able to adopt the various powers of its counterparts around it.

So if you, a hero of this new episode in the crypto game, would like to use the potential of smart contracts, the adaptability of hybrix will enable you to store information on the Ethereum network and wield the power of smart contracts. Or, if you want to use a secured way to store your value, you can choose the Bitcoin network, and so on.

To give people a quick answer on the USP’s or to name a single use case for hybrix, it’s hard to find that one specific answer. I always ask them: “what do you want to do? What do you need in your quest to survive?” Maybe we’ve got the power to support you in your story. We could adopt our flexibility to include the superpower you’re looking for. If Kirby is the chameleon of Nintendo, then hybrix is the Kirby of blockchain. The powers you are using do not have to define who you are. Stay true to yourself and simply use any power you want. Fight together with Ethereum, Bitcoin and with the of the future.

Survive by staying flexible.

Marketing & Content specialist. On a mission to create great content. Managing Director @MinisterieVanCreativiteit & Marketing Director @hybrix